Bob Freck - Carpenter    Pinpoint Design & Build has carpenters with great technical skills and a passion for wood work. Owner and carpenter, Bob Freck, built his company with a passion to help clients pinpoint their designs and help bring them to life.

    Pinpoint Design & Build has over twenty-five years of experience, and a passion for carpentry. They can help solve any carpentry problem you may have from trim or crown moulding installation, to door replacement, or deck design and build. They can also build new cabinets or shelves in your home. Whatever the carpentry need, big or small, Pinpoint Design & Build wants to be your go to carpentry company.

    Bob and his team will build exactly what you want, and can facilitate any carpentry need, including: trim work, rough carpentry and finishing, deck builds, railings, shelving and pantries, crown moulding, doors, and cabinets. Bob can also design original wood pieces. If you can dream it Bob and his team at Pinpoint Design & Build can make it happen.

    Pinpoint Design & Build owner, Bob Freck, loves carpentry. Bob dedicated himself to the craft early on, and worked for different companies in those early years, learning how to best solve problems in creative ways. He learned how to facilitate “unique requests,” as Bob likes to call them. Bob is confident he can solve any carpentry or design problem you might bring to the table.

    Bob’s passion for carpentry is unmatched. He is dedicated to helping clients solve problems in creative ways and he is confident your vision will be completed with pinpoint perfection.

    Bob and his team at Pinpoint Design & Build can build and design any carpentry need you may have including: trim, crown moulding, decks, shelving and pantries. Bob is also proud of their original uniquely designed wood pieces. He loves to collaborate with his clients and make their dreams come to life.